I have been learning a lot here lately about editing. Unlike most of what I have done before or thought I learned, this is all based on advice from other Authors.  (You know who you are.)

Thank you writing community.

I’m going to make a list of all the things I’ve learned that I need more of.  So far I’ve only dipped my toe in the waters but I need to just jump in.

  • POV – needs to remain consistent
  • Inner Monologue – inner thoughts of POV character
  • Dialogue Tags -who’s talking
  • Actions – leaning, putting on seat belt, walking
  • Reaction – shaking, trembling, heart racing
  • Contractions – he’s, he’ll
  • Texture – bumpy, smooth, rough
  • Back Story – thing leading character here, relative things in past
  • Emotion – how the character feels
  • Smell – alluring, unappealing
  • Description – what things are, what things look like
  • Sound – noise, ambiance
  • Taste – salty, sweet, sour
  • Narration – more story telling through the narrator
  • Continuity – blue eyes need to stay blue unless something happens to change it like contacts or magic

I need less of this.

  • Names in Dialogue – unnatural sounding
  • Dialogue – if it can be narrated, narrate it
  • Text Talk -only things everyone would understand

Make’s you wonder what my 50,000 words were before. Apparently, a very detailed outline. Lol!

6 thoughts on “#AmEditing

  1. And let’s not forget continuity, especially when a manuscript’s been revised once or twice. Just discovered I now had midterms starting in January and two characters having a conversation before they’d met.

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    1. Yes I forgot that one. I had a few of those too. Worse in the book I’ve edited more times than I can count.

      The NaNo book only had a few.

      I lost a day in the multiple edits one. Went straight from Monday to Wednesday but Tuesday was there. I just called it Wednesday.

      I will edit my post and add that. Thank you.

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      1. I’ve been going crazy the last two days. I had to condense two years into one ,and it’s a school year; specifically 2009, and in a Chicago suburb. No wiggle room at all. You just know people are going to check the calendar. Might have to use wormholes.

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  2. I did the stupid thing of saying my characters birthday was on the full moon not a date. So, I’m googling when it was 23 years ago in December and when it was at other various random years for different parts of the story.

    It’s on the 21st one year and the 11th another. The date is never the same from year to year.

    I could change it but I then would have to change the way an entire group of people live…

    You may be on to something with the wormholes.


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