Holding Off

Leaning Towards Waiting

I have been considering waiting to publish Out of the Blue once editing is complete.  See this post.  It has taken me a year to get this far with it.  I know from NaNo I can write a book in a month but the next book in the Blue series follows a similar timeline as the first so some events cross over.  I don’t think I can write Into the Blue in a month and keep all that straight.

I have about 3,000 words written on Into the Blue and only need another 50,000 or so more.  If I give myself six months to write and six months to edit that sounds like plenty of time.  I worry about it taking longer writing it because three of the six months is summer break for the kids. I also hope to be working more part-time hours during the day once the littlest person goes to school full-time to kindergarten.

Then I have to consider my editors schedule as well.  She is booked about three months out from what I can tell.  I could give her a projected date and see if she will pencil me in.  Once her editing starts it looks like with the revisions being sent back and forth between the two of us is a two month window.  That length has more to do with me than her; chauffeuring little people around eats into my writer time.

I hope all of this becomes easier as a writer develops.  Learning if you can write 2000 words a day with two kids running through the house.  Learning to be able to judge a month in advance if you will complete your novel on time.  I’m still not done with Out of the Blue so none of this currently matters but it is something to consider.  I won Nano so I know I can do it but the laundry, cleaning and other stay at home mom things suffered.  Hubby pitched in after he worked 8-9 hour labor intense days, which ended and begun in him spending over an hour in the truck commuting.

Some may say excuses are easy to come up with.  I think we still have to live and allow life to happen.  We just need to factor extra time into our goals for it.

Out of the Blue

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