Almost Done

Three quarters of Corrections Complete

Last night I finished with section two of my edits on Out of the Blue from the editor.  Bringing about 46,000 words into a better world.  Section three currently has another 13,800 words that I will drag out of the muck with the corrections and suggestions sent from my editor.

In addition to her critique I have been using the notecards system and making a new card for every setting, person, and day.  I snuck in a miscellaneous pile as well for things that just don’t fit in the other three categories. I write descriptions and important info as I read it in the story on the card.  If I find a card has only a scarce amount of scribbles on it I go back and add some description about the item on the card.  Keeping in mind to be precise and brief in an attempt to show and not tell.  I did this with the first section I sent my editor and she liked the changes I made using this method. (Hallelujah I found something that works for me!) She wasn’t a big fan of some of my other attempts.  Lol!

This is my first book and I’m just learning what works and doesn’t.  I’ll read through the section once more before I send it to her after I go through the cards.  Just doubling checking weak points the cards point out.  Then its on to those last 13,800 words.

Out of the Blue

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