I forgot something

You know that feeling when you are alone but you are so used to having your kids around that you think you forgot something?  I currently am feeling this about my book…  I have sent it off to the editor and have even made some changes to the first third and sent them back.  I added some more description to that part last night.  Today I am left with no book to edit.  I have been working since December 1st on that thing and know I am alone.  I miss my book baby.

I have even sent my #NaNoWriMo book to the editor with the promise I won’t do any editing before she looks at it.  So, I don’t have that book baby either.

The Witch and the Wolf is mad at me because I won’t write a flashback scene so it won’t talk to me until I attempt it.

I guess I could attempt to work on Into the Blue but it is the second Blue Series book and I kind of need the first one finalized before I can do much more on Into the Blue.

Well, I guess I will have to read.  Darn it. 😉


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