Work in Progress – #TheWitchandtheWolf

Okay so I #amediting; have been the whole month of December and into January.  Today, I #amwriting; cheated a little today and did a little writing, this is what I did. (This is unedited and only a first draft.  It goes along with my earlier post.)

The Witch and the Wolf

Passage One

Misty walks up to the bar to order herself a drink. The waitress hadn’t been by her table and she had been there for fifteen minutes. Squeezing her way throw the crowd of people to a small empty spot. She makes eye contact with the bartender and rest her hands on the bar. She brushes something and looks over to see what it is.

It’s a hand. A hand!

Why wasn’t she feeling any sparks? Why wasn’t she learning this person’s life history? Why wasn’t she seeing their future? Her eyes travel from her hand up the arm of the stranger until she reaches his face. Her inner witch was quiet, silenced by the lack of electricity she wasn’t getting from the stranger.

On impulse, she makes a split second decision and taps him on the shoulder. She grabs the sides of his face when he turns to look at her and she kisses him. But not any kiss. No this was a kiss like she never had. This was just a kiss and nothing more. Oh but it was so much more the lack of information her witch was picking up seemed to be allowing her to feel things she had never felt with anyone. That’s to be understood since this was her first real kiss. She learned long ago to avoid contact with people.

In her mind her witch walked throw a dark woods listening to a wolf cry in the distance her white gown blowing in the cool breeze. She set down next to a tree this freedom from the unwanted information was strange. Her witch seemed at peace. Beside her appeared a wolf. She stared at it not frightened at all. Slowly it walked towards her finally standing mer inches away. It sniffed her and laid beside her on the ground laying its head in her lap.

She opened her eyes in the bar and stared into the eyes of a shape-shifter. She had met shape-shifters before and the result had always been the same as with humans. Whenever she touched them, she learned all their secrets. She hated their secrets she hated everyone’s secrets. She broke from the kiss when the bartender asked what she would have.

Turning to him she said, “Soda.”

The shape-shifter sniffed her. She winked at him and took her soda back to her booth in the corner of the bar. He followed her slowly and pulled a chair up putting its back against the wall and his feet in the bench across from her blocking her in.

“Nice seat. The whole bar is visible your backs to the wall. But I wonder where is your escape route?”

“A girl has her ways.”

“Really? Care to elaborate?”

“Not really.”

His left hand was around her neck and he had shoved back into the corner of the booth. To anyone looking their why it would look like a lovers embrace but that was not his intention. Her was trying to intimidate her.

Her witch remanded seated petting the wolf that sleep on her lap unconcerned about the events unfolding in the bar.

His hand squeezed her throat and she laughed.

“What’s so funny girl?”

“You won’t hurt me.”

“Really? Why not? Think I’m worried about these people?”

“Yes really. And no I don’t think you’re anymore concerned with the patrons of this bar then I am.”

“Why do think I won’t hurt you?”

“Your wolf won’t let you.”

He grumbled at her but it was clear he was trying to growl.

“We’re leaving.”


He sniffed her again and his lips brushed her cheek. She lunged for him again and kissed him like he was the air she needed to survive. The waitress finally got around to her table.

“Okay, okay, break it up lovebirds.”

She pulled from their kiss and stared into his eyes. “Are you ready?”

He answers by pulling her from the booth and throwing a wadded twenty on the table, he pulled from his front pocket.

“Wow our drinks were already paid from.”

In the parking lot he looks at her, asking, “Where’s your car?”

She shrugged.

“How did you get here?”

“A girl has ways.”

He tries to growl but it comes out as just a disgruntle sound.

“Is this your bike?”

“How did you know I had a bike?”

She shrugs. “Maybe you look like the type?”

He shoves a helmet at her. “Get on, girl.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

The wind is chilly but she snuggles into his back and wraps her arms tightly around him. In his mind she says, ‘This would be so much nicer if you hadn’t made me wear the helmet.’

He jerks the bike.

‘Easy boy. Don’t kill us both.’

He speeds up flying out of the backwoods town until he pulls onto a dirt path. He stops the bike and she jumps off removing her helmet and setting it on the bike.

“The woods … seems sensible.”

“I could kill you.”

She laughs and begins walking through the woods. They look similar to the woods in his mind but she senses from his wolf that they are not the same. Of course he wouldn’t take her to his packs woods until he knew he could trust her.

“Oh, now, we both know your wolf wouldn’t let you do that.”

Again he has her by the throat shoving her against a tree this time. He attempts to growl at her again but his wolf refuses to participate.

She smiles at him, “Darling your wolf won’t let you kill your mate.”


“Yes, right now he is curled up next to me in your packs woods sleeping with his head in my lap.”

He sniffs her yet again. “What are you?”

“Too funny! The shape-shifter asking what I am.”

“I never said I was a shape-shifter.”

“Baby you don’t have to but more importantly I know nothing else about you!”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s broke and I don’t want to fix it.”

“Your nuts.”

“No,” looking into his eyes she says, “I’m your mate.”

His hand slips from her throat and slides down her arm finally encircling her waist as he kisses her this time.

In his mind she says, ‘See me, see me here. Relax and look for me.’

 Passage Two

His eyes widen and he stares at her but he doesn’t break their kiss. In fact he kisses her harder and with more ferocity. He closes his eyes and looks for his wolf. He finds him just like she said curled up in her lap in his packs woods. He opens his eyes as he approaches but doesn’t even bother to raise his head.

“Really? Seriously you can’t believe this crazy women is our mate.”

His wolf buries his noise under her hand whimpering to be petted.

“You can’t be serious! You’re letting her pet you?”

“No he is asking me to pet him.”

“What are you besides crazy?”

“Obviously I’m a witch.”

He huffs, “I would know if you were a witch. I can smell witches and you lady just smell like a normal human.”

“Well again obviously I’m not because I am currently having a conversation with you inside our heads in a forest that is in your memories being asked by your wolf to pet you.”

“I hate witches.”

“Me too. Bitches!”

“Ha, ha. Very funny.”

“I’m serious. Of course I come from a long line of witches but if you must know my mother gave me away.” His wolf raises its and looks at her snuggling its muzzle into the space between her arm and her waist.

“What do you mean gave you away? Like she tried to save you from being a witch by removing you from that life?”

“No … if only it was something so pedestrian and normal.”


“Well what? I was given away as a child and as a result I know hate witches, hate being one and kill them on site.”

“You kill witches?”

“When I can find one. The bitches hide from me.”

“Why would a witch kill another witch? Who did your mother give you too?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“I think it does.”

“Well out of the four of us present, your wolf, my witch and me don’t think your sense of judgment is reliable.”

He tries to growl again and his wolf gives him a sideways look.

“Did you put a spell on him, on me?”

“I can’t do magic on you. I can’t sense your past or you future! It’s amazing! So freeing to just be able to finally feel like well like a human.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Back to reality we go.”

They open their eyes, their mouths still locked in a heated kiss. He pulls away, “Prove it, prove that you can’t do magic on me.”

“How? You’ll just say I didn’t really try or I purposely did a spell that backfired.”

“I’ll know.”

“Okay her we go.” She lifts her arm up and begins to chant but then opens her eyes and looks at him. “Better step back.”

He does as asked.

She resumes her chanting a few moments later a blot of light leaves her and heads straight at him.

“See I knew you were lying.” But no sooner than he got the words out the spell hit him in the chest bouncing off him and heading right back at her. His wolf growled and he reached for her but he wasn’t quick enough. The spell struck her full force and throw her up against the tree. Her body crumpled to the ground. He rushes to her side to check on her only to find her unconscious. He and his wolf howl.

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