#TeaserTues – Her Unexpected Life Excerpt-1

Her Unexpected Life

Before I become crazy

I wanted to share an excerpt from my NaNo before the New Year hits and I start editing it.  This is unedited and written for NaNo.  So be kind.

Chapter One-End of January

Valerie Cooper drops her daughters off at school and heads to the grocery store alone. This is her youngest first year of being gone every day all-day and even with her decision to spend one more year trying to be a successful writer she often finds herself missing the company her children provided her. They were such a lovely distraction.

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ReBlog – Write a novel in an hour

Alison Joseph raids her kitchen drawers to demonstrate …

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ReBlog – Query Shark

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CrimeBake 2015 Effective Queries Workshop


Effective Query Letters


  1. A query letter is a business letter…

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Angie Fox – Bio

This lady is one of my favorite authors.

Angie Fox is the New York Times bestselling author of several books about vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. She claims that researching her stories can be just as much fun …

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My #1linewed Sound Twitter

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My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

His voice lulls her farther into a state of arousal distancing him further from an image of inspired dread.

The only sound filling the room came from them eating until Drake turns up the volume by asking,…

As the cookie timer goes off, he tenderly touches her waist gently moving her…

She hears noises from down the hall and steps out to see Drake returning…


#TeaserTues-Out of the Blue Excerpt

Out of the Blue

I was doing it wrong

Well here I am talking about editing again.  I am very good at telling, still working on showing.

I recently posted about editing chapter 1 & 2 of Out of the Blue and then I posted an excerpt from those revisions.  I received my score cards from a contest and actually got a chance to study them after I drafted my last Teaser Tuesday.  Research followed so here I am yet again after major changes sharing the same excerpt.  What do you think?  Am I getting better at showing?

Out of the Blue

Chapter One-Friday, November 14, 2014

Callisto slips through the currents as graceful as a ballerina, twirling and gliding around obstacles in her path as she makes her way to an unfamiliar beach. Knots of eagerness have afflicted her through her whole journey thus far. Her anticipation for a better life somewhere away from the pod propels her forward.

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ReBlog – 25 Book Marketing Tips for the Holidays

As our gift to self-published authors everywhere, we have wrapped up a tidy little package of holiday book marketing tips just for you — 25 ways to maximize your book sales during the greatest consumer spending period of the year!

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Things I wish I would have known – 2

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Things I wish I had known before starting to write my first book 2.

So in my last things I wish I had known post I talked about sentence length, passive voice, tenses, outlines, etc.  This time round I want to talk about the dreaded Showing not Telling.

Things to avoid

  • Adverbs – this one baffles me.
  • To Be – learning to write with out using to be or one of its forms is like learning to do Calculus for me.
  • ly – words that end in this are taboo.
  • ing- words that end in this shouldn’t begin sentences.
  • As – should not start a sentence.
  • Over doing it – once you get the above down apparently you need to go back and undo some of it.  I believe this follows the getting ready to go out rule of ‘after you’re ready to go out look in the mirror and remove at least one item’ or to much of a good thing is bad.

The problem with these rules is I can’t tell you why you need to do them.  Grammar might as well be a foreign language for me.  I do have access to the internet and can look up articles on how to show and not tell.  I compiled a list of ones I thought I could do.

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My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.


#TeaserTues – Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Many revisions later

It has been awhile since I shared anything from Out of the Blue.  I want to share the same passage but several revisions later.  I hope you see progress in my writing.

Out of the Blue

Chapter One-Friday, November 14, 2014

Callisto silently slips through the currents, weaving and bobbing around obstacles in her path making her way to an unfamiliar beach. Upon waking that morning, she knew today was the day she was starting her new life, the day she would give up being a mermaid to live as a human. Her mother’s urging sealed her decision and was likely fueled by her father being gone on important pod business. The choice to stay or leave was hers to make ultimately but it would be monumentally easier to leave if her father was not present. She had to make a decision in the short time remaining before her twenty-second birthday. Her stomach has been in knots through her whole journey thus far but not from fear, eagerness was the culprit. Her anticipation level for a better life somewhere away from the pod and its unnerving ways propelled her forward.

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