Middle of the book Blahs!

I have hit the hump

I ran right up the hill that is the middle of my book I am editing.  I went right over just fine but then I hit a wall.  Blah!!

I think I’m growing to hate the thing I love but just like with any relationship this will pass.  I am taking it slow and doing a chapter at a time.  Totally opposite to my approach before the Blahs hit.

I have a few partial copies circulating so that may be part of the problem.  Anticipation for news any news is dragging me down.  Part of me wants to atop now go back and add more to the fifteen chapters I’ve edited.  The other part is screaming to finish the edits I started.

I even tried adding some to my NaNo book and working with some of my book reviews in an attempt to give me rose-colored glasses for my first book.  It hasn’t worked.

This weekend we have several Christmas Events to attend maybe that will renew my spirits.  Merry Christmas and if you’re celebrating this weekend too enjoy yourself and your family.

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