#TeaserTues – Her Unexpected Life Excerpt-1

Before I become crazy

I wanted to share an excerpt from my NaNo before the New Year hits and I start editing it.  This is unedited and written for NaNo.  So be kind.

Chapter One-End of January

Valerie Cooper drops her daughters off at school and heads to the grocery store alone. This is her youngest first year of being gone every day all-day and even with her decision to spend one more year trying to be a successful writer she often finds herself missing the company her children provided her. They were such a lovely distraction.

Shopping list in her cell and coffee in her hand she pushes her cart around Hugemart gathering the groceries her family will need to get through the week. This is part of her routine. Every day planned out allotting her ample time to write while the kids are at school but not interfering with family time in the evening. She loves her life and the picturesque town she lives in. It could be straight from the set of any made for TV Movie.

In the middle of the pop aisle, she receives a text from her husband that reads, “I’m moving out.”

Valerie is certain that auto correct must be playing games with her and texts back, “What? I think auto correct got you.”

He replies back, “No it didn’t. I’m moving out and in with Wendy.”

“What? Who’s Wendy? What are you talking about?”

Valerie stares at her phone as tiny messages full of dread pop up one after another, “I’m leaving you for Wendy my college girlfriend. I am moving out today. I have been at the house since 8:20 getting my stuff. Don’t try to make it here before I leave because I’m already gone.

I don’t want any of that crap. It’s all yours. It’s not good enough for Wendy and her kids.

Wendy and I have decided that you can live in the house until the end of the school year. At that point, the house will go up for sale.

I will continue to support you until that time but I suggest you find a real job before May.”

Unbelieving what she is reading she keeps waiting for the punch line in this bizarre joke her husband is playing on her. She finally decides she had waited long enough and texted back, “Ha ha you got me! Very funny!”

“Valerie this is no joke. Just look in my drawers when you get home.

Wendy and I also feel it better if you don’t tell anyone about me moving out. Since I am being so generous and allowing you all to remain in the house for the next four months.

Just tell people I’m working out of town.”

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