#TeaserTues – Out of the Blue

Many revisions later

It has been awhile since I shared anything from Out of the Blue.  I want to share the same passage but several revisions later.  I hope you see progress in my writing.

Out of the Blue

Chapter One-Friday, November 14, 2014

Callisto silently slips through the currents, weaving and bobbing around obstacles in her path making her way to an unfamiliar beach. Upon waking that morning, she knew today was the day she was starting her new life, the day she would give up being a mermaid to live as a human. Her mother’s urging sealed her decision and was likely fueled by her father being gone on important pod business. The choice to stay or leave was hers to make ultimately but it would be monumentally easier to leave if her father was not present. She had to make a decision in the short time remaining before her twenty-second birthday. Her stomach has been in knots through her whole journey thus far but not from fear, eagerness was the culprit. Her anticipation level for a better life somewhere away from the pod and its unnerving ways propelled her forward.

She stumbles up onto the beach, her legs weak and trembling from her transformation. To steady herself, she reaches out to grab one of the posts from the pier but she misses. Her legs give out under her weight. She lies face down in the sand until she finally gains enough strength to roll over. She wishfully stares up at the moon for what feels like an eternity wondering if it will keep her secret. Suddenly its light is blocked. It takes her a moment to focus on the obstruction that blocked her view. It’s a man! She rises to her elbows squinting in an attempt to get a better look at him. She can’t make out much about him from her angle in the sand with the moon backlighting him but he seems large and imposing inspiring dread in her.

Seeming just as startled as her as he inquires, “Are you okay?”

A nod is her only response.

“Do you need help?”

She shakes her head, causing her wet hair to fling around her.

The man chuckled softly and said, “Well as long as you’re okay. I will leave you to your…adventurous swim.”

Out of the Blue September 29


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