#NaNoWriMo Day Fifteen

Update Day Fifteen

#NaNoWriMo entry #HerUnexpectedLife.

Her Unexpected Life-3#NaNoWriMo Novel #HerUnexpectedLife is now at 28,803 words!  I wrote 2,133 of those words today.  I like staying a few days ahead incase something happens.

It has been a good day all round.  Played lots of Go Fish with the girls and my oldest seems to be better.  We will see.

I wrote on #OutoftheBlue ‘s addition some last night after my post.  It’s at 11,844 words now.  (Should I be counting these words in my #NaNoWriMo?  It won’t matter if I reach 50,000 with the Her Unexpected Life.)  Anyway I wrote 2,981 words on it which is amazing!  I’m super happy.  That brings the whole book up to 56,756 words.

At first I worried about trying to work on both but one gives me a break from the other.  It’s like I get to go live in another entirely different world for a while as I write that story.


Tip 7: Use available resources.

If you get stuck check our the Forums on The Nation Novel Writing Month’s website.  Ask other authors that you communicate with for tricks.  Jump on the #NaNoWriMo twitter feed and seek out advice.  You’re not alone.

Tip 6: Give yourself permission.

If you want to be a writer you have to write so other things might not get done.  If you struggle with writing at home because your mind wanders to laundry that needs done or the dirty dishes in the sink go somewhere.  The park, a restaurant, a parking lot (during the day only) or anywhere there isn’t things that distract you.

Tip 5: Take time for you.

All work and no play makes for a stressed writer.  Veg out, take an internet break, sneak some TV and spend some time with the people who love and support your writing.

Tip 4: Relax.

It’s just a draft and no one but you has to every see it.  Even diamonds need to be polished.

Tip 3: Write.

Another thing that just sounds easy to do but I struggled with this for the past eight months with Out of the Blue.  I would write a couple of chapters and then edit them.  Write a few more and edit them.  Around chapter fifteen I had read enough articles and interviews from seasoned authors to get it.  If I haven’t written it I couldn’t edit it. I was procrastinating when I was doing this.  Fear that I couldn’t finish a book.  Fear that no one would read it.  I was sabotaging myself.  I’m still working on that book but I have published a few children’s books with my oldest daughter.

Tip 2: Turn off the TV.

Seems simple but I struggle with this one with some of the shows I like to watch  starting back up.

Tip 1: Turn the wifi off on your laptop.

 That box that pops up with Email, Facebook and Twitter updates is like pieces of candy dropped on the forest floor leading me to the witch’s house.  (When I turn wifi back on my computer could be mistaken for a quarter machine in Vegas with all the dinging that’s going on.)

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