#NaNoWriMo Day Ten

Update on #NaNoWriMo entry #HerUnexpectedLife.

I’m still cruising right along (for now).  I’m up to 18,885 total words 1,720 of those I wrote today on my #NaNoWriMo Novel #HerUnexpectedLife .

cropped-image.jpeg#OutoftheBlue ‘s addition had a phenomenal day and is up 5,907 words.  I wrote 1,993 words on it today.  If I add this to the rest of the book my total is 50,819 words.

I really wish there was something like the #NaNoWriMo validator and word tracker to keep me on track when this month is over.  I do more when I do more.  It’s so weird.

Tip 2: Turn off the TV.

Seems simple but I struggle with this one with some of the shows I like to watch  starting back up.

Tip 1: Turn the wifi off on your laptop.

 That box that pops up with Email, Facebook and Twitter updates is like pieces of candy dropped on the forest floor leading me to the witch’s house.  (When I turn wifi back on my computer could be mistaken for a quarter machine in Vegas with all the dinging that’s going on.)

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