My To Be Read Pile (Well really File)

#TBR ebooks

My current list of next to be read authors in no particular order other than alphabetical.  And by no means all of them!  This is just a sampling.

Eric Ambler – The Care of Time

Avery Aster – Unscrupulous and Love, Lex

Shelly Bell – Blue Blooded

Thomas K. Carpenter – Revolutionary Magic, Sagan’s Law, The Weight of Gold, The Cageless Zoo and Fires of Alexandria

Mark E. Copper – Hard Duty, Way of the Wolf and the God Decrees

Jason P. Crawford – Chains of Prophecy

Betty Lee Crosby – A Home in Hopeful

Sicily Duval – Desired by the Alpha Bear, Drawn by the Wolf, The Werewolf Army Ranger, She Wolf Montana Bride, The Werewolf Detective, Enemy of the Alpha, Trapped Blood Mates, The Werewolf Kidnapper 2

Davika Fernando – When I see your face

Colleen Gleason – The Bleeding Dusk, Rises the Night

Patty Jansen – Innocence Lost, Fire & Ice, Watcher’s Web and The Peaceful State of War

Kevin Johns – The Green Princess

Donna Joy – The seven Steps to Closure

Jade Kerrion – Perfection Unleashed

Jeremy Laszlo – Children of the After, Here be Monsters and Left Alive #1

Taylor Lavati – The Curse of Betrayal and The Thousand Year Curse

Susan May – Back Again

Alexandra Moody – Tainted

Brenda Novak – Blood in, Blood out

Mary Phisher – It started with Love

Jack Silkstone – Primal Inception

Jessica Sorenson – Shattered Ashes

Mike Wells – Lust, Money & Murder

Joanna Stewart Wentzel – Playing Juliet

Pricilla West – Forbidden Surrender

Trisha Wolfe – The Darkest Part


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