My #1linewed First Line on Twitter


First Line

I hope you enjoy my #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

This one is technically my first line it’s from the Prologue.  I’m certain it will have to be shortened for Twitter.

Callie holds tight to her husband knowing his pride has already decided the outcome of the events getting ready to unfold.

Callisto silently slips through the currents, weaving and bobbing around obstacles in her path.

Drake paces back and forth like a caged wolf; he can’t believe what has just happened with Callisto.

They lay on the couch for a bit just breathing each other in.

Dressed and fully sated both sexually and emotionally they enjoy a light snack.

Drake nervously stands on the pier above where he discovered Callisto just three weeks before. #1linewed


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