Let me start by posing the questioned, Do you outline before you write?  I don’t well at least not in the conventional sense.  I do the digital equivalent of notes written on bar napkins.  I have tidbits in the notes on my cell and laptop.  A heavily disorganized excel sheet that takes me an hour to decipher and whatever notions are bouncing around in my head as I type.  And yes I type, I do not write.

As I type these things all congeal into the thing I am writing.  I am 41,000 plus words into writing my first book and I think I got to chapter fifteen before I hand wrote myself a chapter by chapter synopsis.  That was strictly out of necessity so I could stop rereading every chapter before I wrote that day.  I call it my outline and refer to it often.  Is there anyone else out there who writes in this leap first style or am I a ‘one of’?
I have started jotting down ideas for other stories the plot bunnies give me in an old notepad.  They like the above mentioned excel sheet are generally illegible to other people and sometimes even myself.  I guess maybe this is  going to be my way of outlining.  A catastrophe of swirling thoughts that hopefully I can wrangle into something writable and readable.

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