Posting a Review

Posting a Review

Brickley JulesI am so excited to be my reviewing books.  Be it a newly released book or a published classic.

But folks this review posting is SO much harder than I thought.  I believed that writing a great review was the hardest part. Boy was I wrong!!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Posting a review is not simply coping, pasting and then posting.  No, no, there’s Optimizing.

Optimizing?  What’s optimizing you ask?  Well just like you may think it’s making the post more efficient.  Efficient?  Why does this have to be done you may be wondering?  Well it’s to make search engines like us better.  What!  They don’t just like us because of our great looks and awesome personalities?

Sadly they don’t.  So this is why we must optimize our posts.  Such a buzz kill, believe me!  So be kind to your bloggers because for every post you read is a stressed out writer trying to stuff they’re selfs into a tiny little box that the search engines like.

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